About Us


To meaningfully improve operations effectively and efficiently manage all those under a single roof.


To build a great place to be renowned globally, fuelling organisational needs, eminent by its repertoire of ingenious processes, enterprising staff and cutting-edge tools.

Hamex Softwares Private Limited, an innovative business service provider that offers optimised technology services and solutions to various industries. Hamex Softwares aims in delivering quality IT services on extracting the best out of the investments you’ve made. We began our journey in July, 2018.

There are plenty of organisations out in the arena, spending a huge amount of money in setting up an in-house ERP application and yet, unable to consolidate all their operational activities within a single platform and to achieve this, they buy various tools from numerous organisations around the globe thereby, they significantly increase their investments day by day to meet up their needs. Hamex Softwares aims in eliminating all the middlemen tools by providing a feature rich, all-in-one ERP application that effectively delivers all the operational needs of an organisation. This in turn obliterates, an organisation’s redundant expenditure and time on procuring various tools.

Hamex Softwares, is a brain child of two aspiring young minds came into reality with a core objective of providing cost effective and wholly compromised software products & IT services that aid a huge relief and smile in the face of our customers.

Our Culture

“Customer is the King”, we know this fact and work earnestly to make our customers happy by delivering them with our quality products and solutions. Contacting us is even easy, as we provide 24X7 support to eliminate the waiting hours of our customers, if they come across any issue while using our products/services.

We believe in our people, as they’re our biggest and most valuable asset and we:

  • Cheer them to upsurge beyond their boundaries
  • Motivate them through reward programs and events
  • Empower them through see-through discussions and engaging leadership
  • Offer good opportunities to help them succeed in their roles.

Why Choose Hamex?

  • Quality Solutions
  • Quick Response
  • Rich Experience
  • Better Service and Cost effective
  • 24X7 Product Support

Corporate Responsibility

Each and every individual have their own responsibility and we, as an Organisation have certain responsibilities that we follow sternly, thereby contributing at least a few advances to the society.

At Hamex Softwares, we:

  • Promote Go-Green initiatives
  • Encourage use of digital documents instead of using print outs
  • Use minimal power and water at our office premises
  • Recycle electronic wastes
  • Limit the employees use of printers.